Egg dying

Vernal Equinox // Ostara // Easter - Easter Eggs Lithuanian (Eastern Europe) Tradition of plants prints batika onto the eggs naturally colored.

Naturally dyed Easter eggs. great way to see what the herb colors look like

Natural DIY Easter Egg Dyes to be creative and turn dying eggs into a science project of sorts using foods and other natural methods from history. Could use as a natural fabric dye as well.

Naturally colored Easter eggs

How To Make Vibrant, Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Purple Cabbage (makes blue on white eggs, green on brown eggs) Red Onion Skins (makes lavender or red) Yellow Onion Skins (makes orange on w.

These gorgeous eggs were dyed with cabbage, beets, and turmeric! Click for the tutorial.

Okay folks, my objective is to make these as simple as possible. Like me, I’m sure that many of you are busy parents, or simply busy people. So the thought of going to the trouble of e…

Naturally dyed Easter eggs

gorgeous naturally dyed easter eggs, so pretty we might want to make them year round? so much better looking than the chemical stuff.

Cute as a Button Collection Easter Candle Lampada by LimaniDesigns, $15.00

Cute as a Button Collection Easter Candle Lampada by LimaniDesigns