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a woman with long hair wearing a black shirt and tie
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a man with his face painted as the joker and saying he is not afraid to have fun
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a person wearing a mask with the words, no se trata de ser ni bueno
a poster with the words what comes easy, won't last, what tastes won't come easy
Monday (not morning) Motivation
Monday Morning Motivation!
a child sitting on the ground next to an animal with a caption that reads, veo humans, perro no veo humandad el princito
How many jokes we will tolerate?
El diario de una adolescente: How many jokes we will tolerate?
a poster with the words things money can't buy and numbers that are written in black
quote citat text family friends True, false hope heartbroken boy girl, love strong happy sad bitch bitchy, funny fake fuckboy food hungry me life lie dating boyfriend girlfriend fuck relationship feeling feelings broke, broken life deep smile heartbroken lonely alone unhappy cry crying meme sadness hope holdon sick head emotion People human failure heart thougts Sorry love
a bridge with the words be strong but not rude
Se fuerte pero no grosero. Se amable pero no débil. Se humilde pero no tímido. Se orgulloso pero no arrogante.