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Starbucks Cake Pops

A step by step guide to achieve the most perfect vanilla cake pops. Better than starbucks' birthday cake pops. The best foolproof cake pop recipe ever.

How to Make Gourmet Caramel Apples - Glorious Treats

Learn how to make gourmet caramel apples at home using these step-by-step directions.

Turtle Rice Krispie Treats

Caramel, chocolate and pecans make a classic treat even better! Turtle Rice Krispie Treats will be your new family favorite!

How to Make Kool Aid Popcorn: the BEST Colored Popcorn Recipe

Recipe for making the BEST colored popcorn using Kool-aid. Itt's like a fruit flavored version of caramel corn.

Jolly Rancher Grapes

CAUTION! You may never want regular grapes ever again after trying these tasty bites! Pinterest Inspired Ingredients: 3 lbs. seedless grapes water 2.79 oz. box Green Apple Jolly Rancher gelatin 2.7…

Deep Fried Oreos

This Deep-fried Oreos recipe delivers a delicious, gooey bite that is a perfect copycat of the iconic fair favorite. Easy to make right at home!


Hey everyone in today's video I show you how to make the crumble for the Strawberry Crunch Cake and this recipe is universal and can be used to make any flav...


Kool Aid Pickles {A Sweet and Sour Colorful Snack}

25 reviews
5 minutes

Tangy, sweet and sour these Kool Aid Pickles are a crazy twist on a usually savory condiment that becomes a wacky and tasty flavor combination.

How to Make Caramel Apples {25+ Caramel Apple Topping Ideas}

Classic caramel apples recipe with 20+ ideas to roll them in from nuts to candy. Perfect for a fall dessert idea or a Halloween treat!

Strawberry Lemonade Cookies

Easy 6-ingredient Strawberry Lemonade Cookies! A summer favorite, these soft and chewy Strawberry Lemonade Cake Mix Cookies are a quick and

Recipe: Gourmet Caramel Apples

These are one of my favorite desserts of all time. Sure, they are a great Fair Food for a lot of people; but for me, they are a fun and easy (but also messy) bake sale item. It took me sever…

Peanut Clusters in Crock Pot Recipe

9 reviews
2 hours

Need an easy holiday recipe? Try this peanut clusters in crock pot recipe, and let the slow cooker do most of the work!

SF Eats : Rocky Mountain, Ghirardelli at Ghirardelli Square

I have a sweet tooth and I'm a sucker for American candy. Anything with milk chocolate and caramel (marshmallows too) I will eat. That's why when my friend told me about the caramel apples in Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory, I just had to check it out. So many choices, so little time (and tummy space)! Cheesecake caramel apple is Rocky Mountain's bestseller. True enough, the cheesecake caramel apple was delicious! No wonder my friend got one each time we passed by their store. View of…

12 of the Best Flavored Popcorn Recipes

Here are 12 of the best flavored popcorn recipes out there! Really easy recipes to make with caramel, peanut butter and other flavors on top of your favorite snack, popcorn! If you love sweet and salty treats these will make you think outside of the box when you bring your air popper out.


Turtle Candies are a chocolate shop classic that are surprisingly easy to make at home. You just need three ingredients to recreate the familiar pecan, caramel, and chocolate treats. There are a lot of different ways to make them—some folks form them into patties, while others like to make a more literal turtle shape. Ultimately, […]