Urban Grid through Natural Appearance

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an image of a black and blue poster with text on it that reads library village
Library Village {2010-2011} Preliminary Design
an airplane is flying in the sky over some mountains and water with snow on them
Playing with forms in a sensitive manner {2010-2011}
an aerial view of a train track with rocks on the ground and water running through it
2010-2011 | Re-Inventing Foinix River into a Cultural Core
an intricately designed piece of art is shown in this image, it looks to be made out of cardboard
Generate Foinix Peloponnese | Model Processing {2010-2011}
a model of a city with lots of buildings and water in the foreground is shown
Model Processing | Cultural CITY {2010-2011}
an intricately detailed paper sculpture is shown in the process of being cut and painted
Model Processing | Knowledge Village {2010-2011}
a close up view of an intricately designed surface
Model Processing | Knowledge Village - National Libraries {2010-2011}
the reflection of an airplane in water on a surface that looks like it has been made out of paper
Model Processing 2010-2011
an aerial view of a city with water and buildings in the foreground is shown
The New Urban Grid of Aigio-Greece. Sea - Mountain - City - Highways - River in a creative dialogue.
an artistic collage with water and wires in the foreground, on top of a large body of water
Natural Void vs Urban Void {?}
a large boat floating on top of a body of water next to a building that is shaped like a spaceship
3D Max processing 2
an artistic rendering of a futuristic building
3D Max processing
an abstract painting with many different shapes and sizes, including the shape of a boat
First Model