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a person holding up a sign with the words six stages to simify your homework systems
6 Strategies to Simplify your Homework Systems
a classroom poster with the words, setting a pencil in front of it and an image of
Top 9 Classroom Routines and Procedures, Number 3 is a Life Saver! - Teaching with Kaylee B
Hey Teacher, Have You Tried Desk Pets in Your Class Yet???
an image of a computer screen with books on the shelves in front of it that is lit up
29 Clever Organization Hacks For Elementary School Teachers
the snapshots of mrs sunder's class worksheet is shown
Parent Communication
This month I'm linking up to discuss parent communication. I will say my parents appreciate the systems I've put into place to keep them ...
the parent contact log is shown in this printable form for parents and their children
Teacher Binder
Lesson Plans & Lattes: Teacher Binder
a printable communication log for students
6 Steps to Better Parent Communication & FREE FORM! — Teacher KARMA
How to communication with parents and keep it documented.
nonverbal signal cards with the words, no prepositions and hand signals
Classroom Management {Tips, Tricks & Freebies}
This post is loaded with 30 classroom management ideas for the Kindergarten, primary and elementary classroom! Classroom management tips and tricks for whole brain teaching, alternative seating, bucket fillers, and so much MORE, including a behavior bingo FREEBIE!
two plastic trays filled with green and red toothpicks next to each other
Organization and Management, A Little of Each
the best seeds to sprout with kids are in a mason jar on a chair
Seed Germination Experiment – The Results! - How Wee Learn
an alternative reading center for kids to use with their own books and listen to music
MUST Do MAY Do: An Alternative to Rotating Reading Centers