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several different pictures of flowers and grass on blue paper with red, white, and green designs
Green crayon for lines and then finger painted poppies. Gloucestershire Resource Centre http://www.grcltd.org/scrapstore/
the stork's nest is made out of cardboard and cut into smaller pieces
Pierwsze dwa dni nowego roku szkolnego za nami. Wasze sale, jak i moja, pękają w szwach, wypełnione śmiejącymi się maluchami…Okay, niektóre płaczą, ale każdy wie, że to tylko chwila. Chcemy nauczyć naszych małych podopiecznych wielu rzeczy, a na pewno jedną... Continue Reading →
four pictures of bugs and insects on paper with flowers in the backgroung
Fall Nature Craft
Fall Nature Craft for Kids Using Leaves
this is an easy and fun craft for kids to do with the stick snails
Stick Snail Craft For Kids
Cute, colorful and easy snails to make! This slimed creatures have never looked so cute!
the dragonfly stick craft is made out of paper and sticks with glue on it
Beautiful Dragonfly Stick Craft: Easy Nature Craft for Kids - A Little Pinch of Perfect
Dragonfly Stick Craft: Easy Nature Craft for Kids
two paper birds sitting on top of each other
Migratory birds
an egg carton insect craft made out of construction paper and colored construction paper with the words egg carton insects on it
30 Fun Small World Play Ideas for Kids - Taming Little Monsters
10+ Mini World Play Ideas - Taming Little Monsters
these paper plate crafts are made to look like bugs and ladybugs in different colors
Bug Craft
Use simple circles to make these bugs, including this transforming caterpillar to a butterfly version! Kids will love flipping the caterpillar over to reveal its beautiful butterfly wings.
three handmade bug crafts with the words printable bug craft on top of them
Printable Bug Craft - Create in the Chaos
Simple printable bug craft using a free printable template and pipe cleaners. Easy kids activity that goes great with learning about bugs www.createinthechaos.com
four different colored paper bugs on a blue background
DIY Paper Bug Kid Craft | Crafts For Kids |Tell Love and Party
the paper cactus is made to look like it has been cut out
Unique DIY Cactus Crafts: No Watering Required!
Looking for a cute plant project that is guaranteed to be drought resistant? Check out one of these 15 DIY cactus crafts!
two small cactus plant made out of toilet paper
5 Upcycled Summer Painting Projects for Kids
DIY Paper Roll Cactus by Pink Stripey Socks - Free Template
three small cactuses are sitting on a table next to each other, with one pink flower in the middle
MENTŐÖTLET - kreáció, újrahasznosítás: Papírkaktuszok