Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies Recipe This recipe contains bad fats in both the chips and the dough. It also has a lot of sugar, and because of the fats in it, too much will cause your blood pressure to rise.

How to make checkerboard cookies

For our recent anniversary, I offered to make my husband a batch of whatever cookies he chose. He picked these checkerboard butter cookies, a combination of my Basic Butter Cookie recipe, plus a Mexican Chocolate variation.

Greek Politiko Simiti / Koulouri (Braided Bread Rings Coated with Grape-Must Syrup and Sesame Seeds) by My Little Expat Kitchen

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Έχεις αυγά, αλεύρι & nutella (No2); Φτιάξε μπισκότα Νutellotti

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Αφράτα τυρο-κασερο-πιπερο-μπισκοτομπαλάκια !!

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