Stone pathway to Monemvasia, Peloponnese, Greece

Stone pathway to Monemvasia, Peloponnese, Greece---walked up these only to find out the top was closed

Elafonisos, Laconia

yourtravellist: “ Just … WOW! 💙💙 —————————————————- 🚩 Location : Elafonisos, Greece 🌴 ✌️ Photo Credit : —————————————————- ➡️ Tag your travel photos with to be.

Ναυπλιο ~ Nafplio “ Πάνω στα βράχια που η θάλασσα μετρά έχω τον κόσμο μου…

Ναυπλιο ~ Nafplio On the rocks where the sea countsI have built my world, on the elusive flower of joyyour laugh I await. ~Μάνος Ξυδούς/Manos Xydous photo by Nick Golfis

The Essential Guide to Elafonisos, Greece | Click through to discover this small and idyllic Greek Island

The Essential Guide to Elafonisos

Welcome to a tiny island in the south of Greece with turquoise waters+delicious food. Ideal for relaxation. Here is your essential guide to Elafonisos!

Monemvasia in Greece...

Monemvasia in Greece...