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an abstract piece of art made out of thin strips of white paper on a wall
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Paper artist Matthew Shlian (previously) who refers to himself perhaps more appropriately as a paper engineer, has a new series of intricate paper sculptures which are cut and constructed by hand as part of a process that involves more math than you could shake a protractor at.
an abstract white paper sculpture on the wall
Dynamic Patterns Form Complex Geometric Paper Sculptures
Pinworthy Art We Love at Design Connection, Inc. | Kansas City Interior Design #InteriorDesign
an image of some type of art that looks like it is made out of cubes
36 Days Of Type - 2016
36 Days Of Type - 2016 on Behance
an abstract poster with green shapes on black paper, in the shape of a triangle
Complex shapes and colours forming into a triangle by Jose Maria Yturralde.
an abstract black and white background with hexagonal shapes in the center, including one light
Joanie Lemercier
Joanie Lemercier
a large mirror hanging on the wall in front of a white wall with an abstract design
Synaptic Stimuli
a black and white photo of an abstract object in the air with no one around it
‎64 is the fewest number of tetrahedrons you need to form 2 octaves of perfectly balanced geometry... what Buckminster Fuller called the Vector equilibrium. 64 codons in human DNA • 64 hexagrams in the I-Ching • 64 cells is how many we have before our cells star to bifurcate shortly after birth • 64 things are needed to be able to approach the Ark of the Covenant according to the copper scrolls among the Dead Sea Scrolls • 64 is fundamental in computer memory and coding / Sacred Geometry <3
black and white photograph of an abstract geometric design with hexagonal shapes on the wall
a black and white photo of an abstract design
Data Monolithics / Peruvian Landscape
Monilithics / Peruvian Landscape on Behance
an abstract photo of white cubes on a gray background
Matt shlian, Paperwork, sculpture
two pictures with different shapes and sizes on the wall, one is made out of folded paper
an abstract white background with many different shapes and sizes
Paper folding