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stickers with cats and paw prints are on a white surface, surrounded by colorful lights
an aerial view of a house on the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean and cliffs
a long haired cow eating grass in a field with the caption, me and my bangs against this evil and cruel world
a white and black moth sitting on top of a wooden floor
a close up of the trunk of a tree with an eye drawn on it's bark
a drawing of a woman in the water surrounded by other people with their heads submerged
an advertisement for sagittarius on the front cover of a magazine, featuring a carousel horse
John Alcorn, Zodiac, 1969. Cover illustration for...
Design is fine. History is mine. — John Alcorn, Zodiac, 1969. Cover illustration for...
a white rat sitting in the grass surrounded by purple flowers and greenery, looking at the camera
several white mushrooms growing on the side of a rock
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two baby raccoons are peeking out from behind a tree
white flowers are arranged in the middle of a circle on green grass, with pavement and sidewalk behind them
Wizards Manifesting Daily
a person laying in the grass with some food and drinks on their feet next to each other
a person pouring tea into a cup with steam rising from it
a young deer standing in the middle of a kitchen with black and white tile flooring
an alphabet made out of bone and bones on a black background with the letter q
Quoted from: ~Wunderkammer~
a woman sitting on top of a crescent moon in front of a blue curtain with stars
an abstract painting with water pouring out of it
an animated scene with the words omw to go journal written in front of it
two cats are playing with each other in front of a window that looks out onto the field