Thanassis Galis

Thanassis Galis

Thanassis Galis
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Vintage / Retro / Car / Photography: I Love the window reflections and cool colour in this image. This classic retro VW Kombie van is a true New Zealand favourite - you wont find a better one.

AllStudios - Alive HQ Recording Studios

Alive Recording Studios desk housing Ghost desk and racking in oak veneer with solid oak edging

FiLIP is a locator and wrist watch for kids. Using the FiLIP app, you pre-program 5 phone numbers that your child can call. Your child can scroll through the 5 numbers and call the one they want with the touch of a button. Smart

The Filip GPS tracking and phone watch for kids. Programs up to 3 or 4 phone numbers only that your child can call incase of emergency ect. Has GPS Tracking so you know where your LiL one is at all times.