Forever Young

Forever Young

Αθήνα / If everyone started off the day singing, just think how happy they'd be.🎤🎶🎼
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Who needs a deck?

The exposed copper of the pipes and the wood-framed mirrors give a raw and natural feel to this bathroom.

The West Sussex Kitchen has a beautiful Prep Table painted in 'Lead'

50 Most Beautiful Nordic-Style Workspaces

Bryan & Sarah's Vintage Modern Home & Studio , Charcoal Gray Industrial Home Office. It would be very easy to incorporate Stargate Atlantis details into this! This looks like the office that Jonas Quinn would use.

i think watching this tub fill with water would be a pleasure unto itself #bathroom

you can have a home office in a small space!

Cat Tail Speak — Go Freak Out Your Friends And Tell Them You Can Read Cats’ Minds… “don’t Do That.” “why” “your Cat Doesn’t Like It. He’s Pissed.” “…….how Do You Know” - Click for More...

wut. I don't even like cats..

This cat is so beautiful and cute! <3