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Crossed Mosaic Stitch

Don't know what stitches to use to fill the background of your needlepoint canvas? Take a look at Background stitches for needlepoint to solve your problem.

The Rice Stitch-board has other stitches

The Rice Stitch is worked by stitching a large cross stitch, with each point crossed by a smaller stitch, forming what resembles grains of rice.: Working the Rice Stitch

Smyrna Cross: Working the Smyrna Cross

Want to Learn the Smyrna Cross Needlepoint Stitch? Here’s How: Steps for Making Foolproof Smyrna Cross Needlepoint Stitches

Crossed Gobelin Stitch

Discover thousands of images about Crossed Gobelin Stitch

Reversed Mosaic Stitch

The Reversed Mosaic stitch is a textured, decorative stitch worked in small blocks. Worked similarly to standard Mosaic stitch.