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a painting of a woman in medieval dress with an animal on her lap and other items around her
Lady Cecily de Neville Plantagenet (1415-1495) -...
Lady Cecily de Neville Plantagenet
an old document with some type of text on it
-Kingston's Letter to Cromwell on Anne and George Boleyn, 16 May 1536
an image of a computer screen with numbers and symbols on it, all in different colors
History: List of All the Kings and Queens of England
Huge gold nugget! AND yet it's face seems only marginally happy! Metallica, Metal, Gold Nugget, Gold Rate, Gold Mining, Gems And Minerals, Gold Bullion, Gold Investments, Gem Stones
The worlds biggest gold nugget
Huge gold nugget! AND yet it's face seems only marginally happy!
an ornate wooden bench in front of a tall building
Edward III (1312-1377) - Find a Grave Memorial
King Edward III (1312 - 1377) - Edward died of a stroke at Sheen Palace at the age of 65. His eldest son and heir Edward, the Black Prince, having died the previous year, the throne went to the Black Prince's son and Edward's grandson, Richard. He is buried in Westminster Abbey.
a statue on the side of a building
Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester - Wikipedia
Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
a gold statue of jesus on display in a room with ornate furniture and other items
Eleanor of Castile tomb-Westminster Abbey
Eleanor of Castile, tomb at Westminster Abbey
an ornately carved gold piece on top of a wooden table next to a metal fence
Courtesy of Kathryn Warner, Westminster Abbey: Effigy of Edward II's mother Eleanor of Castile (c. late 1241 - 28 November 1290), queen of England, lady of Ireland, duchess of Aquitaine, and countess of Ponthieu in her own right. Doña Leonor was born as the 12th of 15 children of Fernando III, king of Castile and Leon, and married fifteen-year-old Lord Edward, son and heir of Henry III of England, 1 November 1254, when she was thirteen or almost.
an image of three men in armor with the caption colored engraving of the duke of lancaster john of gaunt
Your Property, Our Priority - Algarve Retreats
John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster
the official coat of arms and crests are on display in this document, as well as other emblems
John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster, the son of Edward III, the father of Henry IV and the grandfather to future England and Scottish Monarchs #johnofgaunt #dukeoflancaster #plantagenet #hollowcrown
there is a monument with a woman sitting on the steps next to it and another memorial in the background
Harry Houdini
the front page of an old book with some writing on it and a photo of a dragon
William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke, He served five English kings – Henry II, his sons the "Young King" Henry, Richard I, and John, and John's son Henry III. #williammarshal #earlofpemroke #plantagenet #knights
a map showing the location of britain's major rivers, including the river thames
193 - The Border Between the 'Two Englands'
The Border Between the 'Two Englands'. In Great Britain as in the US, two cultural sub-nations identify themselves (and the other) as North and South. There is a place used as shorthand for describing the divide, with the rougher, poorer North and wealthier, middle-to-upper-class South referring to each other as ‘on the other side of the Watford Gap’.
a family tree with many names and dates
Divorced, beheaded, died…