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a close up of a door handle on a wood floor
Make Your Own Barn-Style Door — in Any Size You Need
Barn Door: A floor guide from Home Depot keeps the bottom of the door in place…
the instructions for how to install an outdoor door track and hardware
Sliding barn door ~ hardware & finished product
therma tru doors is an excellent choice for your front door
New! Handcrafted Shaker styles.
Step into the perfect combination of classic Americana roots and modern flair. With new Shaker-Style door options, you have even more choices to add an elegant aesthetic to your home. Available for Fiber-Classic Mahogany Collection and Smooth-Star doors.
there is a pair of black screws in between the two pieces of wood on the floor
winsoon Floor Guide
winsoon Prevent the door from the swing when sliding and keep it in balance and stable.
an old wooden door with wrought iron bars on the front and side, in a rustic style
Pearson Design Group | Lone Peak Lookout
Our Tornado Storm Shelter Garages, Interior, Tornado Safe Room, Hidden Spaces, Home Safety, Tornado Room, Safe Room, Tornado Shelter, Storm Shelters
Our Tornado Storm Shelter
Our Tornado Storm Shelter
an open door leading to a hallway with wooden cabinets and drawers on both sides,
Will Safe Rooms Become a Must-Have in Canadian Homes?
an open bookcase in the corner of a room next to a brick wall and door
Basement Hidden Storage - Traditional - Basement - Denver - by Finished Basement Company | Houzz
Basement Hidden Storage - traditional - basement - denver - by Finished Basement Company
an open door in the middle of a room with shelves and other items behind it
Secret Doors and Passageways - Gallery 2
a man is working on a book shelf
Hidden Pivot Bookcase Installation
A design-and-build technique article about "hidden pivot bookcase/door" installations -- article makes clear this is no simple project!