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St John the Baptist

St John the Baptist (raised border) Hand-Painted Icon

High quality hand-painted icon of St John the Baptist (raised border). BlessedMart offers Religious icons in old Byzantine, Greek, Russian and Catholic style.

Menil collection of Religious icons Saint John the Baptist, Byzantium

CULTURE MAP By Joseph Campana Saint John the Baptist, Byzantium, by a painter trained in Constantinople, early- to century, temp.

Handmade Icons of Holy Glorious Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist John, from the workshops of St.Elisabeth Convent    See all icons here:      #CatalogOfGoodDeeds #OrthodoxIcon #Saints #Orthodoxy #OrthodoxSaints

IMP-04-04-2 Icon of St John the Baptist

This icon of St John the Baptist is painted to order. See more about this painted icon in the Catalog of St Elisabeth Convent