Vintage Beach Chic Swimsuits, A group of southern belle models sunbathe on the beach at Cypress Gardens theme park in 1953 near Winterhaven, Florida, Getty Images

Marlene exacting some revenge on Sirius.” “Hmm… Let me think: dying my hair blue, stealing my homework that one time, being an obnoxious git…” “Okay, okay! I deserve it.” Taken by James Potter, 1979

Skipping Rope by Lester Talkington of The Photo League, 1950 “On my way home from work, I was attracted by the warm, natural joy of this child skipping rope.

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z- by sierraromeo (sarah-ji)- Girl Juming Up to Get Full Force of Fan

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Three stylish woman stop to chat in the frozen meat section of the grocery store. Yeah, women got dressed up to go to the grocery store, believe it or not.

This is dedicated to my Father who always told me that " I was born 50 years too late". I am a Baby Boomer and love all things Vintage and Retro.

Texas Track Club of Abilene This photo was part of a Sports Illustrated shoot in

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