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two pink elephants sitting on top of a white and black plate with orange rings around their necks
“a ring holder,” she uddered.
there is a pink bowl with some rings and a pair of scissors on top of it
a white plate with a red design on it and two gold rings in the shape of a woman's torso
a pink plate with a face drawn on it's side sitting on a brown cloth
Glitter Sunset Pink Boobie Clay Dish | lilsboobthangs
a green object with a hat on it's head and eyes painted on the side
a soap dispenser from liquor bottle is shown with the words, diy soap pump dispenser from liquor bottle
After the booze is all gone…. - The Latina Next Door
DIY Soap Dispenser From a Liquor Bottle - Site tells you where to get the pumps!
three bottles of wine sitting on top of a shelf
Wine Bottle Candle holder. Fun project, I used them as decoration on top of the fireplace.
a plant in a can sitting on a table next to a candle
Monster plant pot
a red light that is on top of a cone with graffiti written on the side
DIY light utilizing cone, bulb and sharpie