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two people texting on their cell phones while standing in front of a black background
a woman with blonde hair and a tweety on her face is shown in the dark
an image of a text message that reads,'puppypiri - viewof follow you can't spell without it and baby? i'm
an image of a cat that is looking at the camera and captioning it says, eggwartrtz i think in acoustic 3d reply
Funny, Memes, Writing, I Laughed, Text Posts
an image of a man on the phone with text that reads,'uno is based on luck unless i win then it's based on strategy and i'm'm a genius genius
Coping Mechanisms, Lose My Mind, Im Losing My Mind, Trauma, Therapy, Going Crazy
Prove your humanity
an image of the twitter message that was posted to someone
two tweets on twitter with the caption i don't have red flags i have fun fact