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Joe Thompson on Instagram: "In my opinion, shipping ceramics is the most stressful part of the process. The piece has survived the entire making process (which is stressful enough as it is!) but has to undergo an additional process that you have even less control over.

Ideally the courier would treat the piece with the care and consideration that you've used in the making, but we know that's not the case. At the very least we'd hope that the courier would treat the parcel with indifference rather than active hostility, and thankfully that does seem to be the norm (although there are certainly some victims of misplaced courier frustration!)

The good news is that it's possible to package smaller ceramics in such a way that it can withstand even the most frustrated courier, with relatively

Shipping pots

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Radha | Designer & illustrator on Instagram: "Hanging a sample of all my art prints on a clothes rack has been a game changer when it comes to my market sales!

It looks cool, feels fun to flip through, and because it's not a common way to display art prints, people come over just to have a look.

And the longer people stay, the more chance that they'll find something they love! Win-win.

#markettips #marketbooth #marketstand #marketsetup #marketstall #artmarket #artprints #artmarketsetup"

Show set up

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Shop — Leela Pottery
Shop — Leela Pottery
Shop — Leela Pottery


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One custom silkscreened underglaze rice paper transfer sheet for use on greenware or bisque pottery. These extra large sheets come with a usable area of 19" long x 13" wide compared to the more common 8.5" X 6.5" sheet, making them excellent for larger plates and cutting into strips to wrap all the way around a few mug


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Ruth on Instagram: "Make some ceramic seashell earrings with me 🐚 these are gonna be so cute when they’re done! 
#ceramics #ceramicjewelry #clayearrings #potterystudio #ceramicearrings #ceramicprocess"
Shop — Leela Pottery


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Shop — Leela Pottery
Shop — Leela Pottery
Handmade ceramics from our studio on Dartmoor, Devon. Lighten up your living space with one of these decorative candle votive mini lanterns, great as a little lamp to make your dinner table or room feel that bit more special and cosy. A romantic little anniversary gift or a treat to yourself to brighten up your interior design.  Each hole has been meticulously cut by hand to showcase that warm candle light around your room. The other unique colours we offer means you can mix and match at your le


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Frederick Clay Studio on Instagram: "New stamps! So fresh, so refined. So TINY 🥺 I can’t wait to get these out of the bisque so I can play with them!! Reminder that our next session of classes begins on Monday!! There are only a few seats in our session classes left, but to tide you over we do have some one day workshops for returning/intermediate potters looking to improve their skills in bowl making, surface decoration, glazing and more! Check them out at frederickclaystudio.com. See you around the studio!! 
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Clay Texture Balls – Kentucky Mudworks

Stamp designs

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Shop — Leela Pottery
Shop — Leela Pottery


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Jini | creative daydreamer on Instagram: "Here it is finally, the tutorial for the pasta plate that we already glazed together yesterday.. 🥰🫶🏼

I hope you like it and like always: feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments! 😃💕

my name is Jini, and it hasn’t been long since I discovered that we’re all capable of pottery our own food- and dishwasher-safe dishes at home. 
So, I’ve acquired all the knowledge and taught myself how to potter at home.✨🌸 

Now, I’d like to share my knowledge with you all - so follow me if you want to learn how it’s done.😃🫶🏼

#töpfern #potterytutorial #craftideas #diy #pottery #clay #claylove #töpfernmachtglücklich #claytutorial #claytips #creativepeople #creativediy #glaze #glazeporn #glazedceramics #glazedceramic #softgirl #cera
Kera.Kult on Instagram: "There is no doubt that @lananesmiyana is a trendsetter in our studio! Her ceramic shell-like plates fill our shelves in a variety of styles. We can confidently say that these plates are the most delightful creations made from clay.
#clayart #ceramics #ceramicart #keramika"
𝕒𝕡𝕣𝕚𝕝 𝕙𝕒𝕔𝕜𝕓𝕒𝕣𝕥𝕙 on Instagram: "Experimenting with more river rocks and slabs of clay.  This has been a fun idea brewing in my mind and this is the smaller version to test the waters. 😆
I’m imagining a watercolor pallet, a charcuterie feature dish, deviled eggs maybe, crafting/beadwork or perhaps a jewelry organizer for a dresser top or drawer…. What do you imagine using this for?
Making pottery with river rocks.  Throwing on a pottery wheel.  In my ceramic studio. Ceramic sculpture artist. #pottery #ceramics #riverrockpottery #riverrocks #flyfishing #ceramicstudio #aprilhackbarth"


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"Handmade ceramic ornaments for Wall. ornaments for small spaces. Get well gift will gift bag. Gift for nurses Gift for ministers I made this handmade pottery ornament in my studio in Divide, Colorado. Ceramic ornament ready to hang. Ready to ship. Each ornament has gift bag included. This ornament is measures 3x2 inches *Special note If you are sending pottery to someone as a gift I can include a note or card in the package. Just let me know what you would like the note or card to say in the\"

Christmas clay

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I’ve had a great response on these pottery classes! I’m so excited to get started, I still have a few spots open in June (including a… | Instagram
I’ve had a great response on these pottery classes! I’m so excited to get started, I still have a few spots open in June (including a… | Instagram
I’ve had a great response on these pottery classes! I’m so excited to get started, I still have a few spots open in June (including a… | Instagram


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La Meridiana
Logo Bianco

Pottery courses

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Ana Araujo on Instagram: "Handmade Bowl • Doily • Clay

Slab hand-building technique🧵 🪡

#mindfulliving #vision #art #artist #ceramics #slabbuilt #claytexture #ceramicart #freeart #mindful #openminded #zenart #potterylove #clayart #clayartist #ceramicvideos #ceramicvideo #nature #clay #pottery #potterytutorial #handmade #handbuildpottery #tableware #handmadeceramics #handbuild #inspiration
#ceramicistsofinstagram#theartofslowliving #tableware"
T.Oss cerâmica on Instagram: "Tão linda!💜
Apenas por encomenda.

#caneca #seria #canecaartesanal #ceramic #pottery"
Salter Pottery on Instagram: "Applying a handle #Pottery #Ceramic #TipsAndTricks"

Handle designs

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Shop — Leela Pottery
Kate Hevers on Instagram: "Painting tulips in real time while enjoying the beautiful day! ☀️ 

#pottery #ceramics #rochester #artist #art #clay #maker #craft #handmade #rochesterartist #handmadewithlove #handmadeceramics #slippainting #wheelthrownpottery"
Kate Hevers on Instagram: "A few favs that will be in tomorrow’s Etsy Restock! Sunday at 2pm EST 🌈☺️ previews are in my stories! 

#pottery #ceramics #rochester #artist #art #clay #maker #craft #handmade #rochesterartist #handmadewithlove #handmadeceramics #mug #mugshot #wheelthrownpottery"


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Lyndsey Roberts | Ceramic Arts on Instagram: "Throwing the Naiad mug. If you want me to upload the full throwing vid let me know. I just felt like the altering at the end was the most important part to share, but if you feel like you would benefit from seeing the whole process I'm happy to share.
#ceramicmug #ceramicmugs #potterymugs #ceramicsaretrending #potteryartist #potteryarts #ceramicarts #ceramicartworks #processvideo #process #clay #ceramics #ceramicartist #lyndseyroberts #lilacmoonceramics"
Joe Thompson on Instagram: "If you want to produce pieces with consistent size and thickness, it's important to start with a consistent amount of clay. How much clay this is will vary from person to person and from product to product, there are no universal right answers to this, but it's well worth finding what works best for you.

For me, I use a starting point of 1g of clay for every 1ml of fired capacity I want. This makes it very easy to estimate how much clay I'd need to throw for any size of mug.

I'd also highly recommend throwing with a guide. This isn't as essential as starting with a consistent amount of clay, as you'll be able to size things pretty consistently by eye with enough practice, but offers immediate feedback and keeps you consistent over time. My preference is for a
Plum Island Transfers on Instagram: "For those of you who watched my demo on @clay_share ‘s “live at five” yesterday or anyone else who might be interested, I’m reposting this video of the full process of using a .005” stencil to create a sgraffito “look” on a clay. I also meant to mention during the “live” a few people on Instagram that have inspired me by their use of stencils and/or texture in their work: @mandyhenebryceramics , @mikecervpottery , @shalyamarsh , and @dianafayt to name a few. #ceramicstencils #stencilart #clayart 

Music: Lifestream
Musician: Dream Machine
Site: https://icons8.com/music/"

How to

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Sage Cortez on Instagram: "I love remaking well-loved tools.

#asmr #toolmaking #relaxing #quiet #oddlysatisfying #pottery #potterytools #ceramics #handandfirepotterytools #handandfire"
KEENE pottery on Instagram: "Such a time saver! I can now throw my pots with a thinner bottom and not lose any clay with the wire tool. So exciting! Also- any potters in Fishtown need some underlayment? I bought a whole roll, which is enough for 80 lifetimes 🤣 

EDIT: the material has all been spoken for, thanks for all the love 🥰

#potterystudio #studiohack #pottery #roofunderlayment #wheelthrown #handmade #ceramicart #wheelthrownpottery #wheelthrownceramics #shortcut"


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DIY box fan filters – Corsi-Rosenthal box - Clean Air Crew


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BunkieLifeHeartland on Instagram: "$12,555 kit. Build in a weekend with no contrator or second mortage! Our kits come with everything from the sill plates and floor sleepers to the roof decking, including door, windows, and hardware. 

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Ian Childers on Instagram: "Last time I posted a story about fixing droopy elements with a blow torch I got hundreds of questions. So here’s a quick walk thru as I touch up one of the kilns while I’m at @still_life_studios 
Kiln elements get brittle very quickly as they are fired, drooping elements can snap very easily, but a little heat will get them moving and get you back to business."
Hartley & Noble Ltd on Instagram: "Tile Inserts… how do you store yours?? I love this idea from @croucher.li 🤩 Extra packs of inserts are available to order on our website. (Link is at the top of our page). Build your very own tile library!"

Pottery studio

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Base glaze: 2x obsidian all over. 3x Arctic Blue on top, followed by 3x indigo float. Followed by 3x smokey merlot. Oatmeal somehere. White stoneware.


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Kate Clark - Carved Modern Rustic Pottery on Instagram: "I finally got around to making a few prototypes of mini flower frog vases. This one is the only successful one so far and I have a handful more of slightly different designs/shapes currently in the bisque kiln. Ever since I went to the Chelsea Flower Show last year I had this seed of an idea to create a wild flower vase. What do you think? Should I make more? You could possibly use it for potpourri too or anything scented."
Marlei Ferreira / Ceramica on Instagram: "Bonito, original e útil!
Porta guardanapo em cerâmica artesanal em alta temperatura By Ma Ferreira

Design inspiration

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Kurinuki Wax Melter Cottage - Poppy — Blank Earth Ceramics
Kurinuki Wax Melter Cottage - Poppy — Blank Earth Ceramics
Kurinuki Wax Melter Cottage - Poppy — Blank Earth Ceramics


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Pre-bisque moon jar with fun design. Created by Khasi at VIU


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two different vases one is blue and the other has red, white and grey designs
Amaco glaze Layering
Base glaze: 2x obsidian all over. 3x Arctic Blue on top, followed by 3x indigo float. Followed by 3x smokey merlot. Oatmeal somehere. White stoneware.
Wheel thrown pottery, amaco Glaze combinations, glaze day, glazing pottery,Smokey merlot, celadon, blue rutile, iron lustre, honey flux base Glaze, Ideas, Ceramic Glaze Recipes, Glaze Recipe
Experimenting with Amaco glaze combinations
Multiple colors of amaco glazes over honey flux base. Smokey merlot, Celadon, Blue Rutile, & Iron Lustre
several pictures of different vases on top of a wooden table with text above them
two vases with different colors and sizes are shown on the same page, each one has
two pictures one has a vase and the other has a note on it with writing
a blue and white vase sitting on top of a table next to other pictures,
a blue vase with some yellow flowers in it
a white and black vase sitting on top of a table
Ceramic Moon Jar
Pre-bisque moon jar with fun design. Created by Khasi at VIU
a large blue vase sitting on top of a wooden table next to bowls and a couch
SPECTRUM HIGH FIRING GLAZES | A verry big shout out to Kathy McGuire | Facebook
a plate sitting on top of a piece of wood next to a pile of logs