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Dogo Argentino puppy

Omg I love this cat Cute cats and dogs kitty cat Lol! This is our cats for sure!

Diesel- my blue nose pitbull #freekisses #bluenose #pitbull

every pit bull liked to give free kisses! Diesel- my blue nose pitbull

*If you would like to see different variations of this mug I have made for other customers, feel free to take a look at my Instagram account

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Lol only a pup could sleep like that

What a silly pit bull puppy

This is Hulk, a pit bull from New Hampshire. At 175 pounds and only 18 months old, he just may be the world’s largest pit bull.

Feast your eyes on the biggest dog in the world. You won't believe these pictures. Dog breed is so huge it's scary!

I want to rescue a pitbull from Tia Torres so I don't have a preference in a name or color which ever one Tia thinks is perfect for my family.

baby pit bulls are so cute! My dog is older now, and i never saw her as a puppy, but imagining her as a little pitbull puppy makes me explode from cuteness!

Different Pitbull Breeds | Misconception of the Breeds | Media Generator

Swimming - Underwater photo of funny dog's face swimming with big eyes open.

I agree with this fully. I've also seen what can happen when the owner does this procedure  himself. Don't be cruel take them to a vet if you decide to do this.

Say NO to ear cropping! I wish Hana Boy's ears stayed floppy. I am such a sucker for floppy ears

There is only one dangerous breed...humans Agree?

So true pitbulls are so sweet