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an older man with his eyes closed and the quote what is love? love is the presence of judgement - dali lamaa
Best Life Global (@BestLifeGlobal_) on X
two older women laughing and holding hands with the caption nothing can make you happy
Sweet Deep House Summer and Autumn Set 2013
a painting with the words rumi written on it, and an image of a woman dancing
an image of the earth in space with a quote from rumi that reads, there is a morning inside you waiting to burst open into light
an angel standing in front of a bright light
an image with the words, this universe is not outside of you look inside yourself everything that you want you already are rumi
Be The Best You in 2014 With the 100 Day Yoga Challenge - Detroit Duchess
an image of a man with a bird on his head and the words love your soul in god's love i swear there is no other way
Carl Jung, Motiverende Quotes, Spiritual Wisdom
a black and white photo with the words, remember that your natural state is joy
Happy Life Quotes
an old man wearing a turban with the words a gift of love
A gift of Love
A gift of Love