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an old poster advertising nivea creme
NIVEA Retroanzeige - 1954. #nivea #retro
an advertisement for nivea is shown with a woman in chef's uniform
NIVEA Retroanzeige - 1964. #nivea #retro
an advertisement for nivea brand featuring two people carrying a round object
NIVEA Retroanzeige - 1976. #nivea #retro
two women in bathing suits walking across a blue and white label with the words nivea creme written on it
Nivea Poster. #nivea #retro
an advertisement for metea wine being poured into three glasses with two hands holding the bottle
Metaxa 1977 greek ads
an advertisement for the japanese food company toki, featuring a woman holding a bowl with lemons in it
Pavlidou 1963
an old advertisement with a man holding a frying pan and cooking utensils
Stella 1982 greek ads
an advertisement for meat in russian language on the back of a paper bag with writing
Melo 1963 greek ads
an old advertisement for coffee with two children kissing in front of a hot chocolate cup
Ion 1958 greek ads
two people with umbrellas walking in front of the eiffel tower
the art of animation
an advertisement for the beer company