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The city of Athens was founded in the Neolithic period. It was founded on the hill, known as the Acropolis, because hills can be most readily fortified. The pick of the rock of the Acropolis was quite flat, which makes it easy to build on.  In the beginning they put religious structure on the Acropolis.  The city begins to grow over time around the rock of the Acropolis and around 6th century BC, the market palce "Agora"  was founded.
Aristotelous square from above ~ Thessaloniki
VISIT GREECE| Monastiraki square, Athens. Monastiraki (little Monastery) is an old part of Athens city, which nestles under the Acropolis. Monastiraki square is the hub of life around here and the main street leading off takes one to narrow streets with many artifacts to buy and sell!
Δημήτρης Χαρισιάδης, Πλατεία Συντάγματος, Αθήνα 1956