GREECE CHANNEL | Love the highlight/shadow on this. Grandma Tzeitel inspiration.  Old women waiting outside the church in Metsovo, Greece

waiting outside the church in Metsovo, Greece~ʈɦҽ ҽℓɖҽɽℓƴ ʈɽҽαʂųɽҽʂ~ zϮ ~

GREECE CHNNEL | Santorini,  the Old Way

A Crone embraces aging . "My after forty face felt far more comfortable than…

GREECE CHANNEL | Πόντιος ευζονας, #Greece

A soldier of the Greek Presidential Guard wearing the traditional, Pontian Greek costume. The Unknown Soldier Memorial in Athens, Greece.

GREECE CHNNEL | The Garlic Maker, Athens, Greece

The Garlic Maker, Athens, by Alexandros Bairamidis glenn is getting excited