Florida Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia floridana) by Alessandro Abate

Florida Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia floridana) by Alessandro Abate. Burrowing Owl, An Owl out Walking.

Athens, Greece another city I'd like to visit to see the historic architecture and culture. The city looks unique at night.

Starting our evening tour with a pleasant panoramic drive through the illuminated city center we will approach the slope of the sacred hill.The Acropolis, illuminated and mysterious will captivate your sight.

Koulourakia!!! round sesame bread..my favorite from when I was a kid..

Macedonian Food - thessaloniki koulouri - a recipe from ancient Greece - cuisine from the Historical Greek region of Macedonia of ancient and modern Greece

"Marina of Zea (Pasalimani)- In the ancient years it was one of the main harbors for the warships of Themistocles, with docks for 196 triremes. It received its name in the 18th century, when it was used as port of the Ottoman fleet. Nowadays is the one of the most popular places of the city with nice restaurants, tavernas, bars and shops and one of the biggest & modern marinas of Greece"; Piraeus. (Description from http://www.aegee-peiraias.gr/web/?q=en/node/46)

Port of Piraeus, Greece - photo from bestourism; It is one of the most important commercial ports in the Mediterranean Sea.

silver corithian tetradrachm with owl and athena    Numismatic Museum of Athens.

Wednesday, July silver corithian tetradrachm with owl and athena Numismatic Museum of Athens.

Mmm miss those Gyros!! Mpairaktaris @ Monastiraki_ Athens. Love this place

"Bairaktaris" taverna At Monastiraki, Athens. Ate here while 2 men played greek music!

The temple of Poseidon - Cape Sounion (beneath Athens) Greece. - I went to this temple in 2006. It took an one and half hour coasttour by bus, so it's a beautiful ride! Definitely worth it. The temple of Poseidon was constructed in 444-440 BC. It's also known for it's role in the battleship with the Persian fleet. The hight and southern location made it useful to oversee what was coming to Greece

this is my fave god and i just watched percy jackson and so apperentally poseidon is percys dad! so that makes percy a demi god! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i am such a fan! i heart percy jackson!

TRAVEL'IN GREECE I The National Archaeological Museum of Athens, Greece, #travelingreece

7 euros or 12 euros for National Archaeological Museum, Byzantine & Christian Museum, Numismatic Museum and Epigraphic Museum

Frissiras Museum, Athens.   DINO VALLS A JOURNEY THROUGH SPANISH MAGIC REALISM.  23|11|2011 - 26|02|2012

© Dino Valls, Inter Lapidum, Huile sur bois, 52 x 136 cm, 2010