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Love Humming birds!

bellanes-in-archeld: should-be-sleeping: earthlynation: Male Anna’s Hummingbird. Photo by Thy Bun Who is Anna and how does she get all these hummingbirds to herself?

Ruby Leopard Slipper Orchid by Al Whitaker

Ruby Leopard Slipper Orchid Minnesota Landscape Arboretum - G-d was in a techno-color glory mood- don't you agree?Oh Batty, why don't MY slippers look like that?

This is the Canada lynx. Learn more about species like this by participating in Endangered Species Day!

Canada Lynx and kitten (copyright: Daniel J. Cox) Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!


"Double Leopard" [Double the Snow Leopard, double the cute. The pair were found a couple of times sleeping in a hammock. Rio Grande Zoo - Albuquerque, New Mexico]~[Photograph by ~DeeOtter (Deidre Lantz) - January 12 2012 on


Awww, how adorable is this sideways snuggle? Mom is saying, "I love you sweetie pie".

"Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma Chameleon"

"Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma Chameleon" LOVE these colors!

Purple Martin~  adult male

In some postings, this bird has been mistakenly identified as a Purple Martin. But, this is a Violet-backed Starling, not a Purple Martin.


Opium Poppy - Papaver Somniferum - is the species of plant from which opium and…

Leopard by Will Burrard-Lucas, via 500px - This is a photo of a beautiful female leopard in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.

Beautiful female leopard in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, photo by Will Burrard-Lucas.

White Bengal Tiger and Cub!

A rare white Indian tiger cub sits with its mother Surya Bara at a zoo in the city of Liberec, Czech Republic, Monday, Sept. These are almost completely extinct in the wild now due to poachers. Please read up and raise awareness.