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Peruvian Green Sauce aka Aji Amarillo sauce or Aji Verde sauce - this has a serious kick! Made with jalapenos, cilantro, aji pepper sauce & lime

This Peruvian Green Sauce recipe is hot and spicy and packed full of flavor. Drizzle it on steak, chicken, fish, and rice. Made with jalapenos and cilantro.

Peruvian-Style Roast Chicken with Green Sauce

Peruvian-Style Roast Chicken with Green Sauce: Marinated for 24 hours and it turned out great! I'll try just skin-on thigh and breast pieces next time instead of a whole chicken. or just learn how to carve.

Creative honey packaging - reminds me of honeycomb plates inside of a beekeeper's hive.

I have selected a wide range of package designs within the honey category. I found it intriguing how honey has inspired so many different package designs. Very unique designs here. Unfortunately I was not able to label each package with its designer.