Felted Figurines

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a person holding a bowl filled with different colored yarns and wool balls on top of each other
Mini Felted Pumpkins
a small baby animal is curled up in a ball on top of a blanket with it's eyes closed
Cute, Soft, Cuddly And Funny Felt Animals’ Art - Bored Art
the steps to make an origami bird with feathers on it's head
VIDEO: Needle Felted Wool European Robin
two owls sitting on a branch with a red heart hanging from it's back
For the Love of Etsy
two stuffed mice hanging from the side of a wooden shelf with one mouse on it's back
Relief wooden frame, mouse in stung felt wool.
two little mice dressed in white are sitting on a piece of wood
Мышки и зайчишки Johana Molina
two miniature mice dressed in scarves and scarfs, standing on wooden planks
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