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YOGA SEQUENCE: TIGHT HIPS & LOWER BACK PAIN This is targeted to newbies & those who find sitting on the floor challenging & in particular sit at the desk all day. Also great for runners, cyclists, cardio junkies to do something slower & more meditative &

yoga sequence from @ericatenggarayoga on instagram

Chandra Namaskar (translated to moon salutation) or 12 step salutation This warm up is a back bendy version of the classical 12 step salutation which doesn't involve bringing the arms up in low lunge. I teach this warm up for every back bend themed class,

HAIR - Anthony Nader

21 Unique Ways to Wear Your Silk Scarf: Suddenly, silk scarves are everywhere — but they're not just twisted into headbands or tied simply into neckerchiefs, and they're definitely not used for extra warmth.