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an open kitchen and dining area with large windows on the wall, hardwood flooring and wooden table surrounded by chairs
a house that is lit up at night with lights on the outside and inside it
project :: all glass extension
Hampstead extension. engineer Tim Macfarlane. arch Rick Mather
an open kitchen and dining room with large windows
a kitchen with black counter tops and an open glass door leading to the back yard
Jolijn van Impelen Interior Design | keuken
a kitchen with an oven, toaster and other appliances on the counter top in front of glass walls
Unique vintage house in Paris
an outdoor patio with chairs and tables in front of a brick building that has glass doors
Kingswood Avenue · Syte Architects
the reflection of a table and chairs in a glass door window on a brick building
* hinterhof terrassen überdachung
an open room with glass walls in front of a brick wall and green grass area
Bespoke shaped structural glass wall in a listed building in London
Structural glass walls were installed with a frameless finish. The glazing had high thermal performance to create a comfortable living temperature in the new extension area. The glass wall was combined with slim framed sliding glass doors and a structural glass roof. Visit the link to learn more!
an image of a glass house with the words add value and a new factor with modern consersorary
a house with a glass roof and patio area
an open kitchen and dining room area in a modern house with white walls, concrete flooring and large windows
London Location Houses - Photo Shoot, TV, Film - SHOOTFACTORY
Hauswirtschaftsraum #laundryroom #waschküche #waschraum #hauswirtschaftsraum #schuellerkuechen
a living room filled with lots of furniture next to a large glass wall covered in plants