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Andar com uma bola ou balão entre 2. Eles hão-de perceber que se se unirem como estas meninas é + fácil! Hip Waddle... Beach Ball or Balloon between two people, walk across room, if drops, start over.  Can do as relay race or just to pass the time.

18 get-off-the-couch games. Great Ideas for those days you are stuck inside. Perfect for classroom party days. Active games for participation, not necessarily a winner.

Owl Painted Rocks - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls

The other week I bought a bag of Caribbean beach pebbles from Home Depot, and we have been having so much fun painting them! Janie had a blast covering her rocks with every possible color of paint, while Gresham painted little lighthouses on his. (I shou


One thing about me is that I LOVE art. I love drawing Realistic Eyes. They're so beautiful to me. Drawing eyes are something I'm good at and its the best thing I can draw.