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One of my favorite verses.

Anchor for a tattoo. The original love I have for anchors. He who anchors my heart and soul. John Hope in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and remission of sins in Him alone :) look it up

Chocolate cake ymm yumm #pinforpoints

Hummingbird Bakery chocolate malt cake - This chocolate cake recipe is exactly that, and although it is decadent its the perfect cake to serve to your friends with a nice cup of tea.

Pan Seared Honey Glazed Salmon with Browned Butter Lime Sauce -  Quick and Easy recipe!...(only change I would make is to cook on Medium-low otherwise the honey starts to burn...also you can get away with half the amount of sauce)

Pan Seared Honey Glazed Salmon w/ Browned Butter Lime Sauce (pure amazingness!): salmon, flour, honey, olive oil and limes w/ sauce of butter, lime & garlic