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a christmas wreath hanging on the side of a door with red barns and evergreen trees
three baskets filled with small white christmas trees
Awesomeness of winter
a card with some rocks and reindeer noses on it
о мере приближения к самым ожидаемым праздникам года, лента Инстаграм наполняется рождественскими идеями. 🎁 мы рады вам предложить одну
three red and white ribbons with pine cones hanging from the ends, on top of a table
six white star ornaments with red and gold beads
*お知らせ* 明日12/17(日)、ハーモニカ横丁朝市に出店します。 寒いとは思いますが😅がんばりますー。 よろしければ、ぜひ足をお運びください♪ ・ ・ ハーモニカ横丁朝市 12/17(日)7:00〜10:00 吉祥寺駅前ハーモニカ横丁内 ・ ・ #ハーモニカ横丁朝市 #ハーモニカ横丁 #吉祥寺 #kichijoji #アロマワックス #アロマワックスバー #アロマワックスサシェ #ワックスバー #ワックスサシェ #クリスマス #クリスマスサシェ #クリスマスオーナメント #クリスマスプレゼント #switchcandle #switchcandlestudio
a bird feeder with nuts hanging from it's side and a red bow on top
Ein Erdnussring dient als Vogelfutter und Weihnachtsdeko zugleich.
orange slices stacked on top of each other with stars sticking out of the tops,
Wohnbücher bei - deco rád Vánoce by Imke Johannson Mehr
two pictures side by side one has nuts and the other has christmas decorations on it
Twoje DIY - najlepszy blog zrób to sam w Polsce!
Wreath made with hazelnuts
several different types of boats are shown in this image
Christmas Tree Card Search on
Christmas Tree
an assortment of ornaments hanging from a wooden frame on a wall in front of a barn
DIY - cottage seasonal decor - beautiful shabby chic Christmas decoration made with branches, pine cones and other natural materials - Love this idea!!!!!!!!! #cottage_christmas_decor
a large christmas tree is lit up in black and white
A Christmas tree in the streets of Paris
a paper house with snowflakes on it and the words christmas paper house written in red
Calendario dell'Avvento: 19 Dicembre - Casette di carta
The Mandrake: Calendar: December 19 - Paper Cassette