Paintings created by Metaxart Workshop artists

11 Pin62 Ακόλουθοι
By the sea side at Poros Kefalonia, Rubby Van Assendelft
Poros Village, Katerina Panagatos
Tzanata Valley, Katerina Panagatos
Tomatoes and sun flowers at the Metaxart veranda, Annabel Watson
Abstract Greens, Christa Vayanos
Imaginary Corals, Katerina AnantPal
Peppers at the veranda of Metaxart studio  by Eleni Giafi
Abstract space with bicycle by Rosie Yacoupian
Boats at Poros Port, Kefalonia by Katerina Panagatos
Tzanata valley, Kefallonia by Annabel Watson

Περισσότερες ιδέες
Yucca blossoms at Metaxart studio garden By Ruby Van Assendelft
Painting workshop at the veranda of the Metaxart studio
The Metaxart artists painting the Tzanata Valley, Kefalonia during July workshops.
Painting workshops at Metaxart Studio, Poros ,Kefalonia
Metaxart workshops painting outdoor at the picturesque Poros Port, Kefalonia
Painting workshop at the veranda of the Metaxart studio
Painting workshops at Metaxart studio, Poros Kefalonia
Metaxart artists are inspired from the amazing scenery of Kefalonia island.
Metaxart artists painting outdoor during the August workshop, Poros , Kefalonia
Water colors lesson at veranda of the Metaxart studio during the June workshops