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1)  First layer of Gold done.  Gold Leaf gilding paint. #mandala // #murderandrose

hoeswithclothes: “ artsnskills: “ Ornate Mandala Designs by Asmahan A. Mosleh UK based artist Asmahan A. Mosleh’s deep found love for elaborate mandala designs is evident in all of her compositions,.

sidewalk art #art #streetart #inspiration

This is so beautiful omg Sand art, placed one layer at a time via the hand of Joe Mangrum. These are temporary, public "installations", but you can have one of your own.

Apathy Virus Catches Victims Unaware | Couple at rest turns into doomed caricature of themselves | By Julian Beever – In Chile

StreetArt, Sidewalk Art - Pavement Drawing by Julian Beever, Chile - Ferris Wheel painted just in front of a park bench. looks like the rider is going for an "unpleasant ending to the ride!

Art inside tree holes…

Funny pictures about Clever Art Inside Tree Holes. Oh, and cool pics about Clever Art Inside Tree Holes. Also, Clever Art Inside Tree Holes photos.