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Natassa Karavelaki

Natassa Karavelaki
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upside down french braid with bun #hairstyle Don't have enough hair for this one either!

For the girls @ the wedding - French braid bun. My daughter taught me the best way to do this is to lay on your stomach on a bed and hang over the edge. Tip: braid past the French braid and be sure to rubber band the end before putting in the messy bun!

TUXEDO BRAID BUN ★ Upside Down French Braid Hairstyles

Today's not Saturday, but I was too excited to wait to share this cute messy bun with you! Hair tutorial: how to do a Tuxedo Braid Mes.

Dark purple hair

I really really really want to dye my hair purple. This is a great intense purple colour. You could achieve this colour using Fudge Headpaint permanent professional dye, or one of the more temporary options available that wash out


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