Design by Nat Fleitas

a woman laying on top of a bed covered in blankets and pillows next to flowers
Logo Mark Design - Nat Fleitas Studio
Logo flower design for a feminine and high end brand identity
an empty bag is sitting on the table next to another bag that has been wrapped in plastic
Packaging for Fashion Brand - Nat Fleitas Studio
Minimalistic and modern branding and pattern design for boutiques
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a piece of paper
Brand Pattern & Tissue Paper Design - Nat Fleitas Studio
Custom made illustration and pattern design for this boutique's tissue paper. What a great way to take the user experience to the next level.
a purple bag with the words she is clothed in strength and identity
Feminine and chic branding for boutique - Nat Fleitas Studio
Packaging design and branding for boutique in Tennessee
a woman carrying a black tote bag with the word prov1 printed on it
Simple & high end logo design - Nat Fleitas Studio
All on its own, this simple logo design is a show-stopper
a magazine with a tag attached to it's front and back cover, on a gray background
Branding for Faith Based Boutique - Nat Fleitas Studio
Minimal, elegant and feminine, this brand embraces the beauty in womanhood
an envelope and business card with the word one eleven printed on it, next to each other
Minimalistic branding - Nat Fleitas Studio
Logo design and branding for a feminine brand
a woman laying on top of a bed covered in white sheets and pillows next to flowers
Brand Illustration - Nat Fleitas Studio
Brand illustration and logo mark variation for a beautiful Miami boutique
two envelopes, one with the word love on it
Sophisticated and Elegant Logo Design - Nat Fleitas Studio
Logo design and branding for a feminine brand
a close up of a paper bag on a white surface with the words nine eleven printed on it
Elegant Logo Design and Packaging - Nat Fleitas Studio
Mailer bag design for a sophisticated and high end boutique
two glasses filled with ice cream sitting on top of a white table next to a spoon
Aria Rose logo design - Nat Fleitas Studio
Logo design for a modern fashion brand
the words aria rose are overlaided with images of flowers and other items on a bed
Logo Design for Feminine Brand - Nat Fleitas Studio
Ever wonder what a feminine, yet sophisticated logo could look like? Here it is, soft curves for a more feminine and refined look without loosing its modern and established qualities.
the ever house coffee co logo and brand identity design by person based on real estate
Minimal, vintage branding and logo design for a coffeeshop. Amarie Lael Design.
the coffee shop logo is drawn in brown ink
a woman in a white dress holding a beige purse with the words, one twenty five
Logo Design & Brand Identity - Nat Fleitas Studio
Logo type for 3one 2five, a hboutique brand high end
four different types of badges with numbers and symbols on them, all in black and white
Simple & Sophisticated Logo Design - Nat Fleitas Studio
Exploration of custom illustrated logo mark options for a feminine and sophisticated brand
a wallpaper with wine bottles and the words one five on it's side
Brand Pattern Design for Feminine and Elegant boutique brand - Nat Fleitas Studio
Based on the Proverbs 31 woman, this brand carries timeless elegance and feminine sophistication
a woman standing in front of a bathroom sink holding onto the edge of a counter
Chic and feminine logo design for boutique by Nat Fleitas Studio
Logo mark and custom flower illustration for a minimalistic and feminine brand
a woman standing in front of a white counter
Apparel brand design by Nat Fleitas Studio
Fashion brand logo and brand design