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the cabin is surrounded by trees and rocks, with a waterfall running down it's side
Headwaters Camp, Big Sky, Montana
Headwaters Camp, Big Sky, Montana
an image of different types of watercolors and their names in each one's colors
Pokemon As Tim Burton Characters These are actually kinda adorable.
a painting of a colorful bird with its wings spread
Albrecht Dürer ‘Wing of a European Roller’ (modified) 1512 Watercolor and gouache on vellum
two bison standing in the snow with trees in the background and text face the storm head on
Photographer: Trevor Nicholls
a black and white photo of a woman sitting on the ground
Anne Lysa by erik pedersen / 500px
gorgeous lighting
a shirtless man is holding a bowl and smiling at the camera while standing on a pier
Healthy Living on
Eric Dane