Naxos Art

Naxos Art
Naxos, Cyclades, Greece / Dealing with handmade art began 50 years ago. From mother to daughter, Helen set up her first small shop in old market of Naxos in 1987 with unique handmade emb
Naxos Art
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Paris or Perseus. Bronze c. 340-330 BC, National Archaeological Museum, Athens. Attributed to Euphranor, Atikythera shipwreck.

Antikythera Ephebe 340 B. Bronze statue of a young man of languorous grace that was found in 1900 by sponge-divers in the area of an ancient shipwreck off the island of Antikythera, Greece

Aphrodite of Nidos.  ancient Greek sculptor Praxiteles of Athens (4th century BC)

Late Classical period (ca. BCE) Aphrodite of Knidos (ca. BCE) by Praxiteles (Roman copy). The first nude statue of a goddess

Gold cup from the Upper Grave Circle at Mycenae, 1500s B.C.

(Millennium Oldest Gold) Gold cup from the Upper Grave circle at Mycenae, Greece. ca 1500 BCE.

Delos (Δήλος)

The Sacred Island of Delos - Greece, where no one was born (except Apollo and Artemis) and no one died.

bensozia: Greek Gold: Treasures of the Classical World

Flowering myrtle wreath, late century BC, Tomb of Phillip II Vergina, Archaeological Museum Thessoloniki