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The real fact:

Jungkook and JB - great, another example of why I'm going to hell. perving on men who were very recently high school students.

kpop, bts, and v image

funny, kpop and exo image on We Heart It

A friendly tip: Mr. Kim Minseok is the oldest in EXO

Xiumin is the hot daddy. Minseok is the cute toddler. Im dead. (The difference between Xiumin and Minseok.



This is one of those things no one can actually explain and jusy go: Is a Jimin thing

can science explain how park jimin has the aegyo of a five year old but also the sex appeal of a stripper

It's cuz we extra, plus ordinary of course.

Exactly what I said yesterday then quickly cleaned it up and ran to my room. Before mum came.