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Buckwheat, Bergamot & Blood Orange Chiffon Cake

The idea here is to concentrate a few strong complementary flavors to create a cake that is pleasantly bitter and not too sweet. Tartine chiffon cake is made with whole-grain dark buckwheat flour, and then layered with blood orange marmalade and bergamot-infused blackout chocolate ganache. The ganache sets quickly, so cut your cake layers and have your filling and syrup on hand when ready to assemble.

La ricetta della felicità: Trancetti al bergamotto... profumatissimi!

Trancetti al bergamotto... profumatissimi!

Qualche giorno fa ho ricevuto in dono tre bergamotti... un dono tanto inaspettato quanto gradito. Il bergamotto è un agrume tipico della mia terra... in particolare della zona ionica di Reggio Calabria ed è caratterizzato, oltre che dal profumo unico e particolarissimo (costituisce l'aroma base dei più noti e chicchissimi profumi!) anche da un sapore aspro e amarognolo che ricorda quello del pompelmo, ma molto più aromatico. Questa sua particolarità mi ha sempre un po' "spaventata", nel…

Bergamot Mojitos

Nourishing recipes from a recovering pastry chef

Fresh from the blog Gluten-free Recipes Not-sad gluten-free recipes made from a variety of flavor-packed, good-for-you flours and whole foods. See more gluten-free recipes → Fall Recipes Fresh, vibrant recipes for this season. (In the

Bergamot Italian Rectified ESSENTIAL OIL

Bergamot Italian Rectified ESSENTIAL OIL

Bergamot Essential Oil Natures Garden Essential Oils: 100% Pure and All-Natural Bergamot Italian Rectified (Furo Coumarin/Bergapten Reduced) Essential Oil. Packaged in amber glass bottles and aluminum bottles. Pure Grade Essential Oil: Our supplier has guaranteed that this essential oil is 100% pure and all-natural. Botanical Name: Citrus bergamia Processing Method: Distilled Country of Origin: Italy Flash Point: 125F Appearance and Odor: Colorless to pale yellow liquid with a…

What is a Bergamot?  by David Levovitz #Bergamot #David_Lebovitz

What is a Bergamot?

An explanation of Bergamots-sometimes referred to as sweet lemons or limes-a rare & fragrant citrus fruit used in Earl Grey tea & marmalade.

Bergamot cupcakes

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