two anime characters one with blonde hair and the other with white hair, are facing each other
William James Moriarty, Moriarty the Patriot lockscreen wallpaper
a man laying on the ground with a bottle of wine
Luca Kaneshiro
two anime characters hugging each other with one holding a frisbee in front of them
an anime character with two speech bubbles above his head and the caption that reads, we're in the middle of a lesson
an anime scene with two people talking and one has a speech bubble above his head
an anime character's names and their roles in the movie, yummy characters as family members
an anime character laying in bed with his eyes closed
two people hugging each other with the caption that reads, cause me if you can't stop
a man in a suit and tie standing next to another man with his arm around him
たまお。 on Twitter
an anime character with long hair and bangs, looking at the camera while another person looks on
an anime character is hugging a cat