Your trip app #UI

Less into the particular aesthetic here but interested in the idea of mini map attached to eventual calendar functions?

#mobile #ui

Date Picker

Date Picker by Rodrigo Soares. 30 Beautiful Mobile UI Examples --- -> I would have put an extra of Feb 24 & Feb cut off, so people would know to scroll up and down to pick a date.

CNPSD | Design showcase of the best looking iPhone/iPad app icons, Mobile application, Web site, app interfaces, app websites, resources

Nice UI, very flat with some fold for dimension. Mix of outlined and filled in icons variation in colours.

Ex-Ideo Designers Rethink The Calendar For Mobile Devices | Co.Design | business + design

Ex-Ideo Designers Rethink The Calendar For Mobile Devices

Due Date and Time Picker by Vitaliy Petrushenko

Due Date and Time Picker

Another Date and time picker but for now it's Wizard solution but client approved Š version

Peek Calendar

Check out the finest collection of design patterns, resources, mobile apps and inspiration

Date Picker - Booking Calendar UI by Jan Cantor

Booking Calendar UI

Booking forms are an important part of a website design, especially for service oriented businesses. A well designed form will not only make it fun to enter

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