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Scotland History Videos, The Middle Ages: The lessons plans are for six videos that cover the middle ages in Scotland (400AD - 1450AD). Topics included; the declaration of arbroath, William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and Bannockburn.
3rd grade auction project
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Fact Families Addition Activity for Kids. So fun!
Estimation. If you have $25, how many sandwiches could you buy? If 3 people want 8 pack nuggets and 4 people want sandwiches, do you have enough money? If not, how much more money would you need to fill your order?
This fun activity gets your young learner thinking about the relationship between decimals and fractions. This hands-on worksheet asks children to cut
Roll a Fraction/Decimal/Percent math center! Students roll 2 dice to get the percent and then convert it to a fraction, decimal, and picture! GREAT PRACTICE!
writing prompt: creative writing
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