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A deal,huh?
Important Fictional Ages; wasn't born a Jedi, didn't find a door to Narnia at age 8, when I turned 11 I didn't receive a letter from Hogwarts...Gandalf better be at my door when I'm 50 | Pokemon, Jedi, Disney princess, camp Half-Blood, Harry Potter, Divergent, Doctor Who | via The Nifty Nerd
Five Nights at Freddy's
7 Math Hacks That Will Change Your Lives!
Trenderman,Offenderman,Slenderman,Randyman,Splendorman <3
The "Thermal Armor" design on this motherboard + the custom sleeving makes this case mod POP!
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This game is so good. I can't imagine going through something with that someone who means quite a lot.