A rose 🌹 is a . rose 🌹 that speaks in many languages. My fav flower and will buy for me anytime to bring beauty in my world.

Vem nascer em mim Deus menino!

Greg Olsen paintings art online,welcome to buy it and enjoy it!The Nativity (Detail) [Greg - Warm moment!The beautiful mother and handsome father are looking at their newly born baby.

Μια σπάνια εικόνα της Παναγίας Μητέρας του Κυρίου να Τον κανακεύει σαν μωρό και να γνέθει για να Του πλέξει ρουχαλάκια - Έκτακτο Παράρτημα

Mother Mary practicind the womanly arts. The Monastery of St.

Lovely white roses ❤️

Lovely white roses ❤️