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Probiotics in a jar: pickled foods is an old art being revived again. Food is so costly at groc. stores and time are at hand where we need to preserve our garden surplus for a later date as fresh as possible

Lentil Koftas Recipe - #entree #snack #vegetarian

Lentil Koftas Recipe - 1 cup red lentils 1 L water 2 x onions grated 2 cups burghl 1 Tbls oil 2 Tbls pepper paste 1 Tbls tomato paste 5 x spring onions chopped 1 handful parsley 1 handful dill 1 pinch chilli flakes 1 pinch salt

Easy Kofta Kebabs | Necessary Indulgences.

Easy Kofta pound ground lamb (or beef, pork, or combination) 3 cloves of garlic 1 inch piece ginger 1 large shallot (or 2 small) 3 TBSP fresh parsley 1 TBSP fresh mint 2 TSP cumin 2 TSP coriander 1 TSP pepper 1 TSP salt

αρνισια παιδακια ψητα

αρνισια παιδακια ψητα

Bbq Onion Steaks with Honey-Mustard Sauce Recipe

BBQ Onion Steaks with Mustard-Agave Sauce -Wow these sound scrumptious! (The original recipe says honey but we don't want to steal the bee's precious food now do we?) What a great side dish to any meal, and they look really good too!

HOW TO: make your grill non-stick (just in time for Spring and Summer) Wow!!  --The trick is to do it before it gets too hot.

Make Your Grill Non Stick Using an Onion! Simply heat up your grill and then rub the cut side of an onion over the grate! Not sure if this makes your food taste like onion. I myself LOVE onions, so that wouldn't be an issue for me.