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Board including pins of things that make me especially sad.

Shawn Baines
Can sadness be beautiful? Lee Jeffries, an amateur photographer proved it with his uncompromising photography. Lee started in photographing homeless people in powerful black and white giving a drama to his portraits. Lee Jeffries, Foto Portrait, Portrait Photography, People Photography, Emotional Photography, Portrait Art, Children Photography, Black And White Portraits, Black And White Photography

The big picture: Homeless

In 2008 Lee Jeffries began photographing homeless people. His portraits may be uncompromising, but they are also beautiful

Hurtful words can penetrate the human soul and leave it's ugly impact for a lifetime. Words can either lift us up or destroy the human spirit. Peaceful Parenting, Gentle Parenting, Mindful Parenting, Photo Images, Attachment Parenting, We Are The World, I Laughed, Laughter, Barn

"Would you like me to hold you while you cry?"

I knew the moment I saw her face that there was going to be a problem. Her face was crumpling, and I knew tears wouldn't be far behind. Sally had just finished her dance class. Her teacher gave her and her two classmates each a certificate of participation, but the taller blond girl who had fulfilled all the requirements and was ready to move up to the next class got a ribbon. And Sally didn't. And in Sally's four-year-old mind, this was a disaster.