Nikos! Have2have Sklavounos

Nikos! Have2have Sklavounos

Mykonos / Clothes jewel by have2have
Nikos! Have2have Sklavounos
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A selection of tassels from Les Passementeries de l'île de France's archive, some of which date from the nineteenth century.

How the world's most beautiful tassels are made. Inside Les Passementeries de L’île de France - family-run company creating intricate tie-backs and tassels.

Semikah Textiles

I'm never not in the market for a new, old rug. So you can see how after stumbling upon interior designer Veronica Hamlet's collection of vintage Moroccan rugs, pillows and baskets, I know I'm in trouble. The vibrant colors and distinctive patterns .

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A fresh take on Moroccan design